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A Sexy Icebreaker (PDF)

It's sexy, because it deals with sex. Sex and gender. Well ... sex, gender and orientation to be specific. =) For those of you who aren't familiar with ice breakers, they're bascially a good way to get to know a group of people. Be it in your LGBT group, your dorm floor/wing, neighborhood(?), family ^.^, or even for the numerous clubs at school. There are some popular ones, such as two truths and a lie, or where everybody get's tangled up.

Anyway, this ice breaker is about Sex, Gender, and Orientation(if you choose to include it). If it's not an LGBT group ... you might choose to omit the orientation, or just assign a certain percentage of people an orientation. =) »You're gay!« »You're bi!« Just to level the playing field, and makes things more interesting if you have a bunch of straights.

Bascially, what you'll need for this, is a good sized group of people. You could do it with 10 ... but if you have 20 or 30, it's a lot more fun and will be easier to point things out.

You want to start out asking the group "What is sex ? What is gender ?" You don't want to make a distintion yet. We want to see if anybody already knows that they are two different things. And that is the answer we're looking for, they're two different things. You can use the handy phrase to illustrate: Sex is between your legs, Gender is between your ears. Sex is raw, Gender is cooked.

To read on, download the printable pdf copy here.

Alliance Library

In an effort to have resources available to the public, Alliance has a collection of books that are available to check out.

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