Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Join Delta Sigma Pi?

Any Business or Economics major who has completed their first semester of freshmen year has the opportunity to join Delta Sigma Pi. The minimum GPA requirement to join is 2.5.

What are the differences between DSP and a social fraternity/sorority?

The major difference between Delta Sigma Pi and a social fraternity/sorority is that DSP is a professional organization that is connected through the College of Business. While the organization is involved in other activities besides business-related ones, the common bond between members is that they are all majoring in fields related to business or economics. DSP is also a co-ed fraternity, which is unlike the all-male or all-female social fraternities and sororities.

How does preference night work?

preference night is the final night of recruitment. If you are still interested in joining the fraternity after participating in rush, you will be given the opportunity to attend a special dinner with the fraternity, later on in the night, you and a group of other potential pledges will be interviewed by the fraternity. The questions that the fraternity asks you will be used in determining whether or not you will be invited join Delta Sigma Pi. This night may be a little intimidating, but don’t panic; if you are truly serious and committed about becoming a member, you will most likely be invited to become a pledge!

What is the pledging process like?

After you accept your invitation to join DSP, you will become a pledge and will be required to go through the pledging process before becoming an actual member. The pledging process usually lasts about six to eight weeks, and will give you the opportunity to learn about the fraternity, become acquainted with the brothers of DSP, attend special DSP events, and work together with the fellow members of your pledge class. You will also be required to attend weekly pledge education meetings.

What happens after I complete the pledging process?

After you have completed pledging, you will be eligible to become a full-fledged member of Delta Sigma Pi! The initiation ceremony is a special and celebrated event that officially ends the pledging process and makes you a fellow brother in the fraternity.

How can I get involved in Delta Sigma Pi after I become a member?

Delta Sigma Pi offers many opportunities to get involved. We participate in and sponsor many professional, community service, fundraising, and social events throughout every semester. You can also become a leader through the many officer positions that exist in the fraternity. The more you participate in the organization, the more fun you have as a member of DSP!

Do you have regular meetings?

Yes, the fraternity as whole has mandatory bimonthly meetings in Urschel Hall. Officers are also required to attend regular executive committee meetings. During these meetings, we plan upcoming events and goals, and enjoy the fellowship of each other.

How do we stay connected with DSP fraternities across the country?

There are various ways in which the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity of Valparaiso University stays connected through DSP fraternities located all over the country. The Grand Chapter Congress of Delta Sigma Pi holds conferences for ALL members of DSP located throughout the country every other year. There are also regional leadership conferences, known as LEAD conferences, which are held every semester. These conferences give members ideas to implement in their fraternity, opportunities to meet fellow members of Delta Sigma Pi at other universities, and recognition for outstanding chapters.

What are the main benefits of joining DSP?

There are numerous benefits of becoming a member of Delta Sigma Pi. This special organization will allow you to meet people in the College of Business, and to form a strong brotherhood with long-lasting friendships. Being able to work together with people to accomplish the goals of the organization will highly benefit you, both while in college and after you graduate. It is also an excellent way to get involved not only on campus, but also in the College of Business, and get to know other students in your classes. The organization also offers many opportunities for leadership and improving your leadership skills. Finally, the special events and activities that are held throughout the year will give you the chance to have fun while in college and become a well-rounded person!

How can DSP benefit you after college?

Delta Sigma Pi gives you the opportunity to meet and make friends with fellow business majors. The connections that you make with these people may greatly benefit you later on in life, especially concerning areas of your career. Not only is DSP a great way to network with people, but being a member of Delta Sigma Pi is also a great resume builder when you are applying for jobs. Finally, through various alumni chapters across the nation, you can still participate in the fraternity even after you graduate.