Earthtones is an environmental group based in Valparaiso University dedicated to the principles of conservation, recycling, and environmentalism. We have lots of fun events planned, so come and join!

Weekly Meetings
Executive Board
Our weekly meetings are on Tuesdays from 7-8 in the Heritage Room of the Union. If you are interested in attending or joining, please email us and we will send you a reminder of the time and location of the next meeting and event!
President: Alyssa Pfluger
Vice President: Jacquelyn Blondin
Secretary: Brian Thompson 
Treasurer: Beata Ramza 
Program Chairperson: Tatiana Onuskanich
Did you know you could recycle ALL plastics, metals, and paper products here at VU? We have amazing recycling capabilities on campus, but education is key to make us a truly green school!

Contact Information

Earthtones Mailbox
Harre Union, Student Org Suite
1509 Chapel Dr.