Valparaiso Karate Club
The Valparaiso Karate Club is an open club for all students interested in learning martial arts.  We study a Korean style of martial arts known as Tang Soo Do. Adam Theros, our head instructor, is a third degree black belt certified instructor with the World Tang Soo Do Association. The skills learned are intended to provide a method of self defense, no attack. We work on improving the overall health of our students, while also focusing on concepts to try and make all of us better people.
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Currently, Spring 2016-17, our club meets 7:00 - 8:00 PM Mondays and Wednesdays while classes are in session. We meet in the room LL30 in the basement of the Harre Union across from the elevators.

No experience is necessary.


Head Instructor – Adam Theros

I began my martial arts experience in October of 1993 as a Freshman at GMI Engineering & Management Institute (called Kettering University now).   My training started with Master Bruce, a 4th degree master instructor with the World Tang Soo Do Association.


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Adam Theros
Head Instructor