About Our Instructor

Adam Theros 

I began my martial arts experience in October of 1993 as a Freshman at GMI Engineering & Management Institute (called Kettering University now).   My training started with Master Bruce, a 4th degree master instructor with the World Tang Soo Do Association.  I trained three days a week, for an hour and half at a time.  By the time I graduated in June of 1998, I was ready to test for my first degree black belt in the WTSDA. 

I returned home to Illinois, where I continued my training at Eagle Academy in Warrenville, IL, with Master Jansa, a 5th degree master instructor with the WTSDA. 

In October of 1998, I tested for my first degree black belt.  I continued to train hard with Master Jansa.  I wasn’t only training hard, but also improving my teaching skills.  I started by assisting Master Jansa with his classes.  After proving my teaching abilities to Master Jansa, and going through formal instructor training to become a certified instructor with the WTSDA, I had responsibilities for 4 classes during the week. 

I tested for my second degree black belt in May, 2003.  Shortly after my test, my job brought me to Valparaiso.  While I continued to train with Master Jansa as often as I could, I had to stop teaching my classes.  It was very difficult leaving my students behind.  But with every ending, there is a new beginning.  Being in Valparaiso gave me an excellent opportunity to start a brand new club. 

The efforts to start a club at Valparaiso University started in August of 2006.  After a number of logistical hurdles, the Valparaiso Karate Club had its first class in April of 2007.  We have been going strong ever since.  In October of 2007, the University played host to the WTSDA Region 5 Masters Grand Extravaganza.  It was at this event that I tested for my third degree black belt.

I continue regular training with Master Jansa, and doing everything I can to grow the Valparaiso Karate Club.  New students are always welcome!