Members in Course

Members in Course initiated Friday, May 16, 2014:

  • Bretl, Andrea Elizabeth
  • Finke, Joseph
         Political Science and Classics
  • Griskell, Holly L.
  • Groth, Andrew Brian
         Finance and Actuarial Science
  • Hardesty, Emily Ann
         English and French
  • Hawkins, Lydia
         Theology and Psychology
  • Heffley, Christine Michelle
         Chemistry and Biology
  • Johnson, Claire Kensey
         German and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Kawamleh, Suzanne
  • Keedy, Hannah Elaine
         Biology and Political Science
  • Lash, Chloe Leigh
         Biology and Chemistry
  • Loden, Kelsey Shepherd
         German and Chemistry
  • Maher, Gregory Taylor
  • Meyer, Allison R.
         Chemistry and Biology
  • Otto, Jordan Elizabeth
  • Palomaki, Emily C.
         Biology and Chemistry
  • Phillips, Justin Richard
  • Repp, James Jeffery
         International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Humanities
  • Rogers, Kaitlin Elizabeth
         Environmental Science and Biology
  • Rush, Aubri
  • Scupham, William Carl
         History and Political Science
  • Stermer, Katelyn Christine
         Chemistry and International Service
  • Stribl, Diana Marie
  • Wagenhofer, Maria Sue
  • Walden, Erika Nicole
         Electrical Engineering and German
  • Watson, Ashley Rose
         Social Work and International Relations

May, 2014 Initiation Program [PDF Document]

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 17, 2013:

  • Ailabouni, Karis
         Music and Psychology
  • Andre, Samuel Marshall
  • Brown, Rebekah
  • Buckman, Amy
         Spanish and Secondary Education
  • Cassell, Samantha Jean
         Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Conces, Madison Lorraine
  • Gerardot, Tabitha Marah
         French and Spanish
  • Hahn, Louise Kathleen
         Environmental Science and Geography 
  • Hopkins, Halina Barbara
         Biology and Humanities and Environmental Science
  • Larson, Christian
  • Leong, Joshua David
         Classics and Political Science
  • Miller, Kevin Joseph
  • Mohr, Carly
         American Studies
  • Morales-Rivera, Mary Elizabeth
         English and History
  • Nelson, Emily Rose
         International Business and Spanish
  • Nickodemus, Lauren
  • Prusinski, Lauren
         Biochemistry and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Rahn, Rachel
         Biology and German
  • Robertson, Sarah Elaine
         Biology and Chemistry
  • Roseen, Ian
  • Rubio, Paul
  • Rush, Aubri
  • Russell, Cali
         Psychology and Environmental Science
  • Slattery, Patrick
         Mathematics and Humanities
  • Stefan, Jacob
         Chemistry and Biology and German
  • VanSwol, Jennifer Lauren
         Chemistry and Biology
  • Volz, Stephanie
         Mathematics and Political Science
  • Von Holle, Joy
  • Wiersma, Anna
         International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Wilken, Nicole
         Psychology and Spanish

May, 2013 Initiation Program [PDF Document; rotate clockwise]

 Honorary Member initiated Friday, May 18, 2012:

  • Roy Austensen, Ph.D.
         Professor of History and Acting Dean of the College of Business Administration, Valparaiso University

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 18, 2012:

  • Baly, Kirk Andrew
         Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Blair, Nathan Daniel
         Actuarial Science
  • Builta, Cole A
  • Cross, Adam Richard
  • Derda, Nicholas Joseph
  • Dobler, Michael Ross
         Political Science and Humanities
  • Ehlen, Laura S
         Theology and English
  • Evans, Andrew Robert
         Geography and Spanish 
  • Gilbert, Ashley Marie
         English and Sociology
  • Keiser, Nathanael Lincoln
  • Korshavn, Kyle James
  • Mosher, Melanie Hope
         History and German
  • Page, David
         Economics and Computer Science
  • Pearson, Stephanie Michelle
  • Prough, Owen L
         Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Reed, Jeremy
         English and Spanish and Humanities
  • Rogers, Kari M
         Political Science and History and Humanities
  • Schaefer, Krista Rowberg
  • Will, Amber Rae
  • Zager, Lauren Margaret
         Chemistry and Biology and Humanities

May, 2012 Initiation Program [PDF Document; rotate clockwise]

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 13, 2011:

  • Borchers, Kathleen Fae
         International Service Prograr and French
  • Carlson, Erin Noelle
  • Eyer, Allison Irene
         Spanish and Secondary Education
  • Furman, Christine Elise
         Theology and Youth, Family, and Education Ministry
  • German, Emily Ruth
         German and Music
  • Graves, Michael Kienle
  • Gumbiner, Krysta Laue
         Political Science and Humanities
  • Havlisch, Brian Gene
         Computer Science 
  • Jerry, Heather Caitlin
         Actuarial Science and Mathematics
  • Johnson, Ariel Rhianne
         Psychology and Humanities
  • Kelly, McKenzie Lynn
         Biology and Psychology
  • Lawrence, Ashley Marie
         Psychology and Humanities
  • Lee, Thomas Michael
         Independent and Spanish
  • Milhans, William Buescher
         Computer Science and Creative Writing
  • Nelson, Lauren Theresa
  • Newport, Emily Jean
         International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish and Theatre
  • Orner, Ellen Adria
  • Ramsel, Janelle Lynn
  • Rogers, Kari M
         Spanish and International Service Program
  • Simons, Elizabeth Ann
         English and Humanities
  • Von Qualen, Emily Agnes
         Sociology and Environmental Studies
  • Zastrow, Mary Elizabeth
         American Studies

May, 2011 Initiation Program [PDF Document; rotate clockwise]

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 14, 2010:

  • Cook, Matthew William
         Lafayette, Indiana; Psychology and Classics and Humanities
  • Davis, Emerald Jubilee
         Fort Wayne, Indiana; English and Classics
  • Gutierrez, Eric Armando
         Hammond, Indiana; Philosophy and Economics
  • Hartmann, Brett Michael
         Saint Louis, Missouri; Theology
  • Howard, Kelsey Leigh
         North Vernon, Indiana; Political Science and Humanitites
  • Hughes, Gerald Timothy
         Lowell, Indiana; Psychology
  • Jani, Edra
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Chemistry and Biology
  • Jones, Emily Megan
         Terre Haute, Indiana; Classics and English
  • Koenig, Heather M
         Saint Charles, Missouri; Actuarial Science and Economics
  • Krause, Jaclyn Anne
         Rochester, Michigan; Nursing and Spanish
  • Lamboley, Megan Elizabeth
         Fort Wayne, Indiana; History and Spanish
  • Lange, Abigail Joy
         Champaign, Illinois; Public Relations and Art History and Humanities
  • Liakopoulos, Amy Jo
         Valparaiso, Indianan; Spanish and History
  • Linstrom, John R
         South Haven, Michigan; English and Humanities
  • McCurry, Colleen Lynn
         Park Ridge, Illinois; Biology and Chemistry
  • Robertson, Kayla Elizabeth
         Omaha, Nebraska; English
  • Roshanmanesh, Jacob James
         Rolling Prairie, Indiana; Biology and Chemistry
  • Roy, Gavin Russell
         Medina, Ohio; Meteorology
  • Schmidt, Kathryn Leigh Ann
         Fort Wayne, Indiana; Art and Humanities
  • Shew, Kristy Marie
         Terre Haute, Indiana; Political Science and Theology
  • Shull, Adam M
         Macomb, Michigan; Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Spera, Kristyn Michelle
         Bluffton, Indiana; Biology
  • Stohs, Christopher George
         Shawnee Mission, Kansas; History and German
  • Storer, Angela Rae
         Sylvania, Ohio; Mathematics
  • Strasburg, James Donald
         Ann Arbor, Michigan; History and Theology
  • Van Acker, Claire Elizabeth
         Saint Charles, Illinois; Spanish
  • Wagoner, Brittany Ray
         Adrian, Michigan; Mathematics
  • Warmoth, Krystal Mae
         Martinsville, Indiana; Psychology

May, 2010 Initiation Program [PDF Document]

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 15, 2009:

  • Coyne, Elizabeth Anne
         Naperville, Illinois; Political Science and International Service
  • Deek, Sylvia A.
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Biology
  • Dering, Trevor Matthew
         Rochester Hills, Michigan; Economics and German
  • Dimmick, John William
         Indianapolis, Indiana; History and Art
  • Eaton, Jonathan David
         Sequim, Washington; History and Humanitites
  • Finger, Jonathan Arthur Edward
         Algonquin, Illinois; Biology
  • Finke, Benjamin Marshall
         Hope, Indiana; German
  • Funk, Ashley Lynn
         Wauseon, Ohio; Psychology
  • Hallman, Briana Elyse
         Rockford, Illinois; Biology
  • Hillmer, Olivia Ruth Werberig
         Tampa, Florida; Classics and Humanities
  • Johnson, Jenna Kate
         Valparaiso, Indiana; English and Theatre and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Keane, Bonnie LuAnn
         Tinley Park, Illinois; American Studies and Spanish
  • Korshavn, Evan Neal
         Green Bay, Wisconsin; Political Science and Humanities
  • Logan, Angela Marie
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Psychology
  • McClelland, Brianna Raye
         Crandall, Indiana; English and Secondary Education
  • Moberg Foster, Ruth Anne
         Worcester, Massachusetts; History
  • Ocepek, Anthony Louis
         Norton, Ohio; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and French
  • Radakovich, Elyse Ann
         Portage, Indiana; Chinese & Japanese Studies and English
  • Renken, Catherine C.
         Fort Wayne, Indiana; Psychology
  • Reusz, Jennifer Michelle
         Downers Grove, Illinois; Mathematics and Secondary Education
  • Russell, Lindsay Nicole
         Oakland Township, Michigan; Economics
  • Schram, Fiona Grace
         Savage, Maryland; Theatre and Psychology
  • Schunter, Christopher Eric
         Flushing, Michigan; History and German
  • Segally, Ryan James
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Economics and English
  • Steinken, Rachel Ann
         Indianapolis, Indiana; Biochemistry
  • Taylor, Elspeth Ann
         Buena Park, California; English
  • Woods, Stacey Marie
         Berwyn, Illinois; Actuarial Science and Economics

May, 2009 Initiation Program [PDF Document]

 Alumnus Member initiated Friday, May 16, 2008:

  • Mark R. Schwehn, Ph.D.
         Professor of Humanities, Christ College, Valparaiso University

 Honorary Member initiated Friday, May 16, 2008:

  • Alan F. Harre, Ph.D.
         President of the University, Valparaiso University

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 16, 2008:

  • Batteiger, Emily Catherine
         Bargersville, Indiana; Psychology
  • Bellman, Myranda Jo
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Psychology
  • Brinkley, Johanna Ruth
         Ossian, Indiana; English and Humanities
  • Camp, Kiersten Alyse
         Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Theology and Humanities
  • Christodoulakis, Anna K.
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Political Science
  • Clemens, Kevin Anthony
         Carol Stream, Illinois; Philosophy and Classics and Humanities
  • Ford, Bonne Jane
         Mountain Lakes, New Jersey; Meteorology
  • Freytag, Jillian Claire
         West Bloomfield, Michigan; German and Secondary Education
  • Gibbard, Amber Lynne
         McHenry, Illinois; History and Secondary Education
  • Groth, Laura Michelle
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Communication - Communication Law and Humanities
  • Hamilton, Kimberly Michelle
         Plainfield, Indiana; Biology
  • Haugen, Kimberly Diane
         Cincinnati, Ohio; Theology and Mathematics
  • Jennings, Tezra Elizabeth Lake
         Dexter, Michigan; Psychology and Spanish
  • Keller, Blain Michael
         Muncie, Indiana; Chinese & Japanese Studies and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Kerr, Caitlin Suzanne
         Crown Point, Indiana; English and German
  • Malova, Petra
         Slovakia; Chemistry
  • Moore, Melissa Dawn
         Richmond, Indiana; Sociology: Criminology and Political Science
  • Pampel, Robert John
         Matteson, Illinois; English and Humanities
  • Peters, Emily Marie
         Merrillville, Indiana; Biology and French
  • Romero, Nathanael Paul
         Clinton, Michigan; Philosophy
  • Ruhde, Therese Elizabeth
         New Glarus, Wisconsin; Spanish
  • Spangler, Amanda Beth Johnson
         Scottsboro, Alabama; German
  • Strietelmeier, Paul Adrian
         Hobart, Indiana; History
  • Tappendorf, Tyler Ryan
         Shiloh, Illinois; Actuarial Science
  • Van Dyke, Susan Marie
         Downers Grove, Illinois; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Political Science
  • Veltema, Kelly Nicole
         East Lansing, Michigan; German
  • Westerman, Erin Marie
         Naperville, Illinois; Classics and Psychology and Theology
  • Winebar, Brittany Kay
         Noblesville, Indiana; Psychology
  • Yarger, Rachel Diane
         Tinley Park, Illinois; Spanish and International Service Program
  • Zappia, Andrea Lynn
         Indianapolis, Indiana; History

May, 2008 Initiation Program [PDF Document]

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 18, 2007:

  • A'Hearn, Elizabeth Anne
         Normal, Illinois; Political Science and International Service
  • Aho, Karl Michael F 
         Baraga, Michigan; Philosophy and Humanities
  • Albertin, Meredith Marie 
         Zionsville, Indiana; History and Classics
  • Allegar, John 
         Kansas City, Missouri; Music
  • Benczik, Sarah Anne 
         Plymouth, Indiana; Individualized and Public Relations and Humanities
  • Benjamin, Katie Marie 
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Theology and English
  • Dickmeyer, Laurie Jean 
         Ft. Wayne, Indiana; German and Geography
  • Dost, Jeremiah Helmut 
         St. Louis, Missouri; History
  • Evangelist, Kate Elizabeth 
         Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Chemistry and Individualized
  • Fay, Kory Joseph 
         Indianapolis, Indiana; Theology
  • Forness, Philip Michael 
         Brookfield, Wisconsin; Classics and Theology
  • Gumz, Sarah Elizabeth 
         Bremen, Indiana; Chemistry and Spanish and Humanities
  • Hallemeier, Jonathan Phillip Kouhi 
         Viroqua, Wisconsin; Philosophy and Classics
  • Hanson, Elizabeth Hanna 
         Wheaton, Illinois; English and Art and Humanities
  • Hopkins, Theodore Jackson 
         Jefferson City, Missouri; Physics
  • Jajtner, Katie Maureen 
         Port Washington, Wisconsin; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish
  • Jarratt, Daniel Charles
         Grafton, Wisconsin; Communication -- Television-Radio and Humanities
  • Jesperson, Megan Noel 
         Bismarck, North Dakota; English
  • Letkewicz, Casey Elizabeth 
         Naperville, Illinois; Meteorology
  • Matul, Eric Ryan
         Orland Park, Illinois; American Studies and Spanish
  • Meyer, Jonathan David
         Carrollton, Texas; Biology and Chemistry
  • Miller, Kathryn Elizabeth 
         High Ridge, Missouri; Psychology and Spanish
  • Mohlman, Sarah Rae 
         Hastings, Nebraska; Biology
  • Monson, Tracy Lynn 
         Bloomington, Illinois; English
  • Myers, Carrie Ann 
         Duffield, Virginia; Art and French
  • Jennifer Lynn Plaskota
         Naperville, Illinois; English and Spanish and Humanities
  • Steffen, Deborah Lynn 
         Springfield, Illinois; Biochemistry and Mathematics
  • Throw, Jenna Kathleen 
         Crown Point, Indiana; Criminology and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Wanless, Ashley Kathleen 
         Springfield, Illinois; Biology and Spanish
  • Zeichman, Christopher Brian 
         Clinton, Michigan; Theology and Classics

May, 2007 Initiation Program  [PDF Document; rotate clockwise]

 Alumnus Member initiated Friday, May 19, 2006:

  • Albert Raymond Trost, Jr.
         Dean, College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Political Science, Valparaiso University

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 19, 2006:

  • Anderson, Janet Lynn 
         Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish
  • Arndt, Erin Nicole 
         Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin; Chemistry
  • Augustine, Matthew Ray 
         Muskego, Wisconsin; Chemistry and Biology
  • Brock, Peter James 
         Columbus, Indiana; Classics and Theology
  • Brondos, Elizabeth Ruth 
         Mexico; Mathematics and French
  • Campbell, Pauline Angela 
         Fort Wayne, Indiana; Chemistry and Political Science
  • Carnahan, Tamara Lauren 
         Chesterton, Indiana; Political Science
  • Conces, Miriam Renee 
         Zionsville, Indiana; Biochemistry
  • Denman, Holly Sue 
         Arlington Heights, Illinois; English
  • DiSilvestro, Alexis Joanna 
         New Castle, Pennsylvania; Chemistry and Spanish
  • Haugen, Bradley Glen 
         Cincinnati, Ohio; Theology
  • Heller, Shana Joy 
         Brookfield, Wisconsin; French and Theology and Secondary Education (December, 2005 graduate)
  • Hommel, Dana Renee 
         Midland, Michigan; Spanish and Chemistry
  • Huang, Kristin M 
         Elkhart, Indiana; French and Spanish
  • Huggins, Helen Marie 
         Truckee, California; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and German
  • Humeniak, Richard Joshua 
         Marengo, Illinois; Chemistry and German
  • Jagodinski, Elizabeth Bernette 
         Wausau, Wisconsin; Chemistry and Biology
  • Michael, King, Adam  
         Decatur, Illinois; Political Science
  • Mata, Andrea Deanna 
         Chicago, Illinois; Psychology
  • McAllister, Ellie Iona 
         Hammond, Wisconsin; Theology (December, 2005 graduate)
  • Mikos, Elisabeth Lochner 
         Dundee, Illinois; History
  • Peters, Katherine Patricia 
         Sioux Falls, South Dakota; International Service and Spanish
  • Proksch, Nicholas Donald 
         Muskego, Wisconsin; German
  • Schindler, Neil Stephen 
         Lakeville, Minnesota; Meteorology and French
  • Scott, Lindsay Allison 
         Clarence, New York; Classics
  • Siepman, Kathleen Marie 
         Saint Louis, Missouri; Communication -- Public Relations and Psychology
  • Stark, Amy Lynn 
         Saint John, Indiana; Biology and Political Science
  • Swanson, Douglas Dirk 
         Oak Park, Illinois; Humanities and Mathematics
  • Unrath, John Thomas 
         Melbourne, Florida; Psychology and Theology
  • Wilco, Steven Tousley 
         Manassas, Virginia; Classics
  • Willis, Paul Stanley 
         Gresham, Oregon; Biology

May, 2006 Initiation Program [PDF Document]

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 13, 2005:

  • Arnold, Julie Marie 
         Worth, Illinois; English
  • Bangert, Andrew Joel 
         Muskego, Wisconsin; Theology and Classics
  • Biebighauser, Jeffrey David 
         Farmington, Minnesota; Classics and Humanities
  • Campbell, William Allan 
         Hedrick, Iowa; English
  • Corliss, Ross Cameron 
         Andover, Massachusetts; Physics and Mathematics
  • Davidson, Kristen Marie 
         Fargo, North Dakota; Psychology
  • Ewing, Charles Raymond 
         Albuquerque, New Mexico; German and History
  • Franke, Grant Richard
         Rockford, Illinois; International Service
  • Gangler, Marie Ann 
         Villa Park, Illinois; German and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Goetsch, Eleanor Ruth 
         Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Biology and Chemistry
  • Goffron, Paul Anthony 
         Crystal Lake, Illinois; Psychology
  • Haanen, Jeffrey James 
         Plymouth, Minnesota; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish
  • Hammond, Tracy Rene 
         Fort Wayne, Indiana; English and Biology
  • Hanson, Dane Burnell 
         Stilwell, Kansas; Political Science and Mathematics
  • Hunt, Sophia Betsworth
         Saint Paul, Minnesota; American Studies
  • Kirsch, Jonathan Leighton 
         Wilmette, Illinois; Political Science and History
  • Klee, Steven Robert 
         New Lenox, Illinois; Mathematics
  • Knipstein, Hillary Lynn 
         Fortville, Indiana; Psychology
  • Liptak, Rachel Lee 
         Temecula, California; English
  • Madden, Kathleen Marie 
         Arlington Heights, Illinois; History and Spanish
  • Norberg, Josie Lillian 
         Batavia, Illinois; Biology and Spanish
  • Parrish, Kelly Rachelle 
         Coal Valley, Illinois; Political Science
  • Pruim, Michelle Lynn 
         Westchester, Illinois; Psychology
  • Soli, Rachel Johanna 
         Saint Petersburg, Florida; Psychology and German
  • Stevenson, James Ewing
         Eagle, Colorado; Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Svilar, Kyle Michael 
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Political Science

May, 2005 Initiation Program [PDF Document]

 Members in Course initiated Friday, May 14, 2004:

  • Busse, Jessica Lynn 
         Whitewater, Wisconsin; Meteorology
  • Cimbaljevich, Dennis Mark 
         Portage, Indiana; International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Foland, Michael Joshua
         Lafayette, Indiana; Philosophy and English
  • Hakos, William Daniel 
         River Falls, Wisconsin; Mathematics and Humanities
  • Heitland, Alison Grace 
         Prairie Village, Kansas; English and Classics
  • Kern, Michael Wallace 
         Chesterfield, Missouri; Theology
  • Khouli, Michael Milad 
         Fort Wayne, Indiana; Spanish
  • Landmeier, Mark William 
         St. Charles, Illinois; Chemistry and Spanish
  • Linert, Brian Shaun 
         Valparaiso, Indiana; Chemistry and Biology
  • Lo Bue, Erin Elizabeth 
         Mundelein, Illinois; Classics and Mathematics
  • Miller, Nina Lynne
         Knox, Indiana; Mathematics
  • Nettenstrom, Lauren Michelle 
         Hartland, Wisconsin; Biology and Chemistry and Spanish
  • Obertin, Andrea Sue 
         New London, Wisconsin; History and American Studies
  • Olson, Kathryn Erin 
         Manitowoc, Wisconsin; English
  • Pretz-Anderson, Marikka Lynn 
         Strongsville, Ohio; Spanish and Sociology
  • Reid, Dana Marie 
         Westlake, Ohio; Economics and French
  • Schlobohm, Sarah Beth 
         Portage, Indiana; Physics and French
  • Scott, Kelle Lyn 
         Clarence, New York; French, International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Warnier, Jessica Ann 
         Greenfield, Wisconsin; Computer Science and French
  • Weber, Christopher Edward 
         Waukesha, Wisconsin; Chemistry and Biology
  • Yep, Henry Wing 
         Angola, Indiana; Political Science and Chinese & Japanese Studies

May, 2004 Initiation Program [PDF Document]

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