Valpo Phi Sigs are part of a rich history going back to the year 1873 when Phi Sigma Kappa was originally founded.  Originally here on campus, however, our fraternity was known as Phi Sigma Epsilon.  In 1985, nationally the two fraternities merged to create the Phi Sigs we know today.  We are proud of our history and invite you to come down to the house for our recruitment and social events!
Our cardinal principles are very important to us.  We accomplish them through our commitment to leadership on campus, community involvement, and our areas of study.
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About Phi Sig
Name: Phi Sigma Kappa
Birthday: March 15, 1873
College: University of Massachusetts
Valpo Chapter: Phi Upsilon
Valpo Birthday: April 28, 1963
Original Name:Phi Sigma Epsilon
National Philanthropy: Special Olympics
Local Philanthropy:
Hilltop Neighborhood House
In addition to having over 700 hours of philanthropy fall 2008.  Spring 2008 we had the highest overall GPA of any other fraternity 3.28.

Cardinal Principles

  To Promote Brotherhood

  To Stimulate Scholarship
  To Build Character

PSK Creed

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