Phi Upsilon Alumni Section:
We have mailed a letter recently to all of our Alumni that we know about.  We would love to hear from you.  Please RSVP Below or just send us information on what is going on in your lives.

If you would like more information about anything going on at the fraternity or have pictures or things to share with us feel free to send them to us at or for more information contact our current Communication Chair
Some Alumni News:
Sept 21: Homecoming will be coming up in October and we hope to see many of you out for the activities! Email Tim Stride to get more details.
Brian Witwicki Class of 2000 became a first time father 3/19/2008! The baby girl’s name is Elise!
- Congratulations Brother Witwicki!
Kim Sisson Class of 1976 contacted us recently and is alive well and doing great!
-Thanks for the contribution brother.