Tim Stride
    Major: Communications and Theology
    Hometown: Naperville, IL
    Class of 2010
Vice President
Chet Cameron
    Major: English
    Hometown: Portage, IN    
    Class of 2010
Tyler Nash
    Major: Economics
    Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
    Class of 2010
Brian Koch  
     Mechanical Engineering
     Louisville, KY
    Class of 2011
Dan Lund
    Art: Photography
    Naperville, IL
    Class of 2011
Derek Hackl
     Major: Psychology
     Fort Wayne, IN
    Class of 2009
Ben Bahr
    Major: History, Philosophy
    Hometown: Bronxville, NY
Austin Buddemeier
    Major: Mechanical Engineer
    Hometown: Belleville, IL
Matt Cefalu
    Major: Theatre
    Hometown: Rochester NY
Zach Faase
    Major: Marketing
    Hometown: Germantown, WI
Billy Fitzpatrick
    Major: International Justice
    Hometown: Omaha, NE
Scott Hannon
    Major: Marketing
    Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Marcus Lohrmann
    Major: Philosophy
    Hometown: Walla Walla, WA
Tommy Miller
    Major: Psychology, Philosophy
    Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Chris Nichols
    Major: Geoscience
    Hometown: Valparaiso, IN
Ryan Resendes
    Major: International Business
    Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Dan Thompson
    Major: Mechanical Engineer
    Hometown: Lowell, IN
Brandon Long
    Major: Theology
    Hometown: Chesterton, IN
  1. Executive Board
  1. Class of 2009
Brotherhood Involvement:
  1. Habitat for Humanity

  2. The Source

  3. Lambda Pi Eta

  4. Celebrate!

  5. Earthtones

  6. The Beacon

  7. VUCA

  8. Photo Lab Assistant

  9. Geography TA

  10. Gamma Theta Upsilon

  11. Alliance

  12. Campus Crusade

  13. Delta Sigma Pi

  14. Alpha Lambda Delta

  15. Frisbee

  16. Theatre Shows

  17. Office of Admission

  18. Torch Photography

  19. Torch Editor

  20. Buckman Page
  21. Special Olympics

  22. Hilltop House

  23. Political Action League

  24. Floor Hockey Intramural

  25. Volleyball Intramural

  26. Cafe Manna

  27. Geography Club

  28. Hesse Center Tutor

  29. College Mentors for Kids

  30. VUCRU
  1. Class of 2010
There is room for more...