Why Rush Phi Sig?
There are many benefits obvious and hidden as to why one would join Phi Sigma Kappa.  Some are listed below.
Philanthropy: for the fall of 2008 our members did over 700 hours of community service. We are very proud of what we accomplish through hosting events and service organizations with whom we are involved.
Scholarship: we had above the campus all male average and the highest of greek organizations Spring 2008.  Greeks at VU consistently have higher GPAs than their non-greek counterparts.
Leadership: through executive board, chairs, and leadership around campus your skills will be honed and built through your membership. You are able to move into Leadership quickly and make a difference in the fraternity.

Character: through living with so many guys and becoming part of our family you will develop life-long character traits such as honor and diligence.
Brotherhood: we offer you a community of friends that will last a lifetime.  We all proudly consider each other more than friends that is why we use the word Brother.  
If you are interested in these attributes of Phi Sigma Kappa come check us out!