Many people ask what is the process by which one joins a fraternity?  Well, it differs from house to house.  For Phi Sigma Kappa, there is a national program in place that we adhere to, guiding the education of our new members until initiation.
After coming down, meeting the brothers, and receiving a first bid, or a bid to associate, an associate member will use Phi Sigma Kappa’s national handbook to learn the history and important details about fraternity life and Phi Sigs.  This process is approximately 6-8 weeks long and is intended to mold one both into national member as well as a local member of Phi Sig at Valparaiso.
We adhere very seriously to our pledge against hazing of new members, but if you have concerns or questions about the associate member phase of Phi Sig please contact the Inductor as listed on the brotherhood page for more details.
Recent initiates often look back on the initial stage as a great opportunity to get to know the house and learn more about the life decision to join Phi Sigma Kappa.