Pre-Med Club offers its members many opportunities to have fun, serve the community, and learn a little about medicine.

What's In a Doctor's Bag

A skit that is based on a book written by a doctor. Performed by VU students for grade school children, this skit familiarizes children with the medical instruments they may encounter at a doctor’s office.

The Glow Germ Skit

This is one of Premed Club's favorite activities. A hand-washing program is presented to grade school children who love to see& just how well (or how poorly) they wash their hands. Pre-Med students receive training through Porter Memorial Hospital and give demonstrations in local schools.

Movie / Game Nights

Look forward to upcoming movie and game nights where the Premed Club gets together to watch things like House, Scrubs, and Grey's Anatomy, play some games, and enjoy hanging out with other premed students. It is a great time to take a break from studying to relax (and might I mention... food is usually involved).

First Aid / CPR Training

The Porter County Red Cross offers certification in both first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Contact the Porter County Red Cross website, or call 219-462-8543 for more information