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Timeline for applying

Fall Junior year: Study for the GRE.  Study books and practice tests are useful.

January-March Junior Year: Take the GRE, send your scores and begin getting people to agree to write letters of reference. Normally you need 1 PA/Doctor, 1 person who knows your work ethic (boss), 1 person who knows you academically (professor).

April Junior Year: CASPA opens and you can begin your application
June after junior year:  CASPA sends the first batch of applications on the first Monday, so try to have them in by then.
June before senior year-December of Senior year:  interview offers are made
August-January of Senior Yearinterviews conducted
September-March Senior Year:  Acceptance offers
June-August after graduation:  School starts!


Test Needed 

GRE Register here!
Hint: Check to see whether the school wants you to send the scores directly to them, or to CASPA

Finding schools


PA schools use a general application service called CASPA.  You fill out one CASPA application and then it is sent to all of your schools.  Schools then often have a supplemental application that you fill out specifically for that school.  Here's the webiste!
Hint: Contact the school before you apply and see if they will review your transcript to see if you have the classes you need.  Also,many schools have rolling admissions so you should apply ASAP.