About Us


The mission of the Student Alumni Association is to foster pride and tradition among students and develop lifelong relationships to Valparaiso University.

Our purpose statement

  • To sponsor campus events and activities, which promote school spirit and tradition, while enhancing interaction between students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
  • To promote the interests of and understanding between students of the past, present, and future.
  • To work in cooperation with university officers and the VU Alumni Association in developing a network between current students and alumni.
  • To enhance the education of students and prepare them to serve as future alumni leaders.

Student Alumni Association History

Beginning in the fall semester of 2000, a group of interested and active students, along with various campus representatives, discussed the possibility of a student alumni group on Valpo’s campus. This group of students spent much of the semester learning from other campus organizations about how to start one, and researching student alumni groups at other colleges. The Student Alumni Association, formerly known as the Valparaiso Alumni Undergraduate Leadership Team (VAULT), was officially founded on November 7th, 2000, with the adoption of the organization’s constitution. During the spring semester of 2001, recruitment was held along with some smaller events to spread the word about VAULT. By the fall semester of 2001, VAULT was a committed and eager group of students ready to promote a sense of pride and tradition on the VU campus.

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Valparaiso University Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association works together with the VU Alumni Association to help promote the goals of either and/or both organizations. To foster this relationship, the Student Alumni Association president serves as a member of the VU Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Members of the Student Alumni Association and the VU Alumni Association Board of Directors are paired up in a “buddy system” to help the organizations stay better connected. The alumni provide excellent networking resources for the students, as well as a historical perspective on Valpo, while the students are able to share insider information with the alumni about the current state of the campus.

Members of both organizations interact socially whenever the VU Alumni Association Board of Directors comes to campus to meet. They also lend whatever support they can to each other’s events, programs, and initiatives. Whether contributing financially to the Student Alumni Association, helping out by providing event speakers, or passing resolutions to publicly support a Student Alumni Association goal, we can always count on the VU Alumni Association to help us achieve our mission. Likewise, we try to support their activities any way we can, by being positive representatives of the alumni association to students on campus, and helping to promote the same goals that they have with alumni with students now, before graduation.

CASE-ASAP (CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs)

CASE-ASAP is a national organization made up of student groups from more than 300 universities and colleges with similar interests and purposes as the Student Alumni Association. CASE-ASAP provides valuable resources and opportunities for networking and leadership development in order to promote student involvement in educational advancement.

The Student Alumni Association is part of District 5 of CASE-ASAP (the Great Lakes district). Every spring, the Student Alumni Association joins others schools for the District 5 conference. A similar, yet much larger national convention is held every summer. At each conference, organizations from various schools give presentations, helping to promote and spread the ideas of successful student advancement programs.