Learn the Valpo Alma Mater

The Valparaiso University Alma Mater has a long and interesting history.  The song originally was introduced in 1935 after being written by Valpo President Oscar C. Kreinheder and two former music professors, Helen Dvorak and Harold Rogers. It is sung to the tune of an old German song composed by J.F. Petri, titled "How Can I Leave Thee?"

Hail to the Brown and Gold!
Thy sons and daughters hold
In loving loyalty
Thy colors dear;
Colors whereby they show
What others, too, should know;
That they belong to you.
Dear old Valpo.

Hail to the Brown and Gold!
Recall the days of old,
The happy days which we
Ne’er shall forget.
As shadows longer grow,
Brighter the flame shall glow,
The flame of love for you –
Dear old Valpo.

Hail to the Brown and Gold!
We pledge thee to uphold –
Wherever we may be –
Thy honored name.
Through years that come and go,
To pay the debt we owe,
We’ll e’er be true to you,
Dear old Valpo.


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