Valpo Fun Facts
Valpo Fun Facts:
  • VU was originally founded by Methodists in 1859.
    It wasn’t until 1925 that The Lutheran University Association purchased the school and operates it to this day.
  • The Crusader has not always been Valpo’s mascot.
    The original mascot was the Uhlan (oo-lan), a violent German knight. During WWII this fell out of favor and the Crusader was adopted instead.
  • The Chapel of the Resurrection is the largest collegiate chapel in the country.
    Dedicated in 1959, the chapel will celebrate it's 50th anniversary in 2009.
  • The chapel organ is one of the largest in the country.
    It has more than 60,000 pipes in 103 rows.
  • From 1917 until the 1960's, first-year students were required to wear colored beanies.
    These beanies were actually intended for the first-year students to identify one another, but upperclassmen could identify them as well, leading to the hazing practice known as “buttoning.”
  • Valpo once had a “campus dog” named George.
    George belonged to a VU professor and was very well known around campus. When George died, he was buried on old campus where a gravestone still marks his final resting place.
  • Valpo once boasted the “world’s tallest basketball team.”
    A group of men who were too tall to join the military during WWII came to play basketball at VU.