Our Members


SAA members at the Homecoming Ice Cream Social 2014

Part of the SAA crew at the Homecoming Ice Cream Social, Fall 2014 


Executive Board 2014-2015

Molly Thomas (President), senior Health Care Administration Major 

Hayden Hast (1st Vice President), senior Electrical Engineering Major 

Melissa Rink (2nd Vice President), senior Psychology Major

Chelsey Bradford (Secretary/Treasurer), junior Civil Engineering Major 


Current SAA members and their favorite things about Valpo 

Kristine Gordon, senior 

Abbie Groth, senior Nursing Major: "The free candy in the candy bowl at the library" 

Sydney Guckenberger, senior Nursing Major: "The small population in campus" 

Cassie Langas, senior

Allie Pohl, senior

Sarah Slothower, senior Sociology Major: "Being able to be involved in so many things" 

Barrett Younghans, senior Secondary Education and History Major: "#1 rule about your favorite thing about Valpo is... you don't talk about your #1 favorite thing about Valpo"

Ryan Acosta, junior Accounting and Finance Major: "That butterfly thing outside Mueller" 

Morgan Albright, junior

Dezzarae Arce, junior Mathematics and Secondary Education Major: "The welcoming atmosphere it has and all the opportunities it gives"

Matt Eifert, junior Mathematics Major: "Greek life" 

Alexandra Garcia, junior

Chante Gordon, junior Elementary Education Major: "The size: it's big enough that there are always new people to meet, but small enough to feel connected to the Valpo community. I love being able to see people I know walking to my classes!" 

Danny Groth, junior Actuarial Science and Finance Major: "Cheesy Bread Wednesdays!" 

Isaac Iaquinta, junior Mechanical Engineering Major: "Being able to have relationships with professors" 

Kristen Klippert, junior Management Major: "The friendships I've created" 

Marisa Lareau, junior International Business: "The friends that have become family" 

Sara Lukach, junior

Teresa Pocius, junior Sports Management and Communications/Public Relations: "The chips, queso and refriend beans. The family-like atmosphere is pretty cool too."

Frances Pollaro, junior Nursing Major: "Lifelong friendships" 

Megan Reidy, junior Nursing Major: "The friendly atmosphere" 

Kathryn Rumptz, junior International Business and Marketing Major: "How friendly everyone is toward one another" 

Breezy Scheffer, junior Digital Media Major: "It's a close call between the opportunities I've been given and Dave the late van driver"

Missy Sheraden, junior Nursing Major: "The sidewalks" 

Sara Tomasbi, junior Psychology Major: "The winters" 

Emily Bruce, sophomore Nursing Major: "Marianne at Founders"

Emily Campbell, sophomore Healthcare Leadership Major: "The great community and friendships that I have made"

Shaffer Dehmlow, sophomore Mechanical Engineering Major: "The professors and class sizes" 

Jane Eckhoff, sophomore

Alaina Elliot, sophomore Nursing Major: "The family-like atmosphere where everyone is so open and welcoming"

Matt Fitzpatrick, sophomore Civil Engineering Major: "I have met a lot of very genuine people" 

Jenna Fleming, sophomore Biology and Chemistry Major: "The best friends I've met here"

Megan Heinz, sophomore

Jason Henry, sophomore Accounting and Economics Major: "The opportunities Valpo enables" 

Bailey Hinman, sophomore Nursing Major: "Potato Cheese Soup!!" 

Haley Hoffman, sophomore

Ryeli Husak, sophomore Nursing Major: "The opportunities that have been given to me here and the great people!" 

Hannah Kestler, sophomore Nursing Major: "The community that all of the students make" 

Rebekah Koehn, sophomore

Emily Kunkle, sophomore

Keelun Lawrence, sophomore Psychology Major: "The tennis tables" 

Jennifer Mitchell, sophomore Nursing Major: "The people and friends I've made" 

Eric Smith, sophomore International Relations and Economics Major: "The caring faculty" 

Taylor Stoming, sophomore Nursing Major: "Rachael Tiemann" 

Anna Suffern, sophomore Nursing Major: "The opportunities, the prestegious reputation, and the sense of community"

Brian Thompson, sophomore

Ben Tiemann, sophomore

Rachael Tiemann, sophomore Psychology and Biology Major: "Taylor Stoming" 

Makenna Fiedler, freshman Spanish and Psychology Major: "Greek life, community and the people overall"

Erin Gentile, freshman Biology and Psychology Major: "The great atmosphere and people!"

Jessie Harte, freshman Nursing Major: "Greek life, welcoming atmosphere, great friends"

Lukas Kilimann, freshman Marketing and Economics Major: "Opportunities and class sizes" 

Brooke LeFevre, freshman Secondary Education and Mathematics Major: "D1 school with D3 opportunities"

Tiffany Luehrs, freshman 

Meghan Reider, freshman Sports Management Major: "Knowing someone everywhere I go on campus, and the chicken tenders in the cafe"

Erin Staal, freshman Elementary Education Major: "The great opportunities and the community"

McKayla Tharp, freshman Nursing Major: "The people and great opportunities!" 

Katie Younghans, freshman