Merger with Sigma Tau

On January 1, 1974, the Sigma Tau Fraternity merged into the Tau Beta Pi Association.  The action was taken by the collegiate chapters of the organizations following lengthy study and recommendations by their Councils.  Sigma Tau was founded in 1904 at the University of Nebraska as an engineering honor society.  At the time of the merger, it had 34 collegiate chapters and a total initiated membership of 45,000.  The basis of the merger was the conviction that a single, strong honor society would better serve the engineering profession.

The resulting organization is Tau Beta Pi, unchanged in name, purpose, governance, operating procedures, and membership requirements (except for automatic Tau Beta Pi membership eligibility of all Sigma Tau members).

The 22 Sigma Tau chapters at institutions formerly without Tau Beta Pi chapters began functioning under Tau Beta Pi rules on January 1,1974, and were converted to chapters of the Association in formal ceremonies on the dates recorded in the record books.  The 12 Sigma Tau chapters co-existing on campuses with Tau Beta Pi were merged into the Association, by initiation of their active members in early 1974.  The national headquarters office of Sigma Tau in Lincoln, Nebraska, was closed on June 30, 1974, and its records were transferred to the national headquarters of Tau Beta Pi in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Under terms of the merger plan, the financial assets of the Sigma Tau fraternity were used in meeting the costs of converting and merging its chapters, of giving its initiated active members all the insignia and materials regularly going to new members of Tau Beta Pi, and of extending all paid Sigma Tau magazine (The Pyramid) subscriptions to subscriptions to Tau Beta Pi's magazine (THE BENT).  The Sigma Tau Foundation, Inc., was dissolved and its assets were transferred directly to Tau Beta Pi's Fellowship Fund.  There, the invested sum will earn a return to assist in providing and annual Tau Beta Pi-Sigma Tau fellowship under the Association's regular graduate-study award program.

Under terms of the merger plan, all Sigma Tau alumni have been offered membership in Tau Beta Pi at the current national initiation-fee charge.  Those who choose not to join the Association will have all Sigma Tau membership services (except for The Pyramid, which has been discontinued) available to them through the Tau Beta Pi national headquarters.

The last national officers of the Sigma Tau Fraternity were: President G. W. Forman, Vice President H. H. Bartel,, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer J.P. Colbert, and Councillors C. W. Leihy, R. P. Moser, R. E. Peterson, and J. W. Straight.

(excerpt taken from: Information About Tau Beta Pi)