VUTV Programming

Movies, Original Content, and much more!

VUTV Programming keeps our station on the air and online with the movies, shows, and content you love! 

The programming department makes sure that all of the content is scheduled and airing on the station.  The movies and television shows that air both on the tv and appear on are selected by this department.  If you have any suggestions for programming please email

In addition to movies and shows, the programming department handles original content.  If there is anything on campus you think would be interesting for the station to show feel free to email in a suggestion.  In addition the programming department at channel 15 would love to feature different students and organizations by either educating campus, or entertaining them, sometimes even both at once.  If you or a student organization you’re involved in, would be interested in the idea of filming a special, please email the programming director at the email above.

Important Changes to VUTV Programming for the 2016-2017 School Year

This new academic year brings some new features and entertainment to our channel! Our on-campus movie-streaming website ( will now host 100 movies throughout the year. These movies are available to our community free of charge when connected to Valpo WiFi! In addition, we're now showing select seasons of 5 popular mainstream TV series on Channel 15 in addition to the movies you select! 

Of course, you'll still see several Valpo original productions including The Shield, The Cold Front, Sportsnite, and many more on our channel!