VUTV Weather

VUTV Weather is home to the New Storm Shield Weather Center! 

VUTV Weather is excited to be operating out of a brand new Storm Shield Weather Center. Our new set is now located in the Schnabel Hall TV studio! In the past, our meteorologists used an adjacent Green Screen studio which was great for practice and rehearsal in isolation. After discussion with our staff, we determined that practice and presentation are best done in the main studio. This change brings together Weather and News in a more intimate and collaborative environment. We are very excited to give our News METS and Weathercasters a much more real-world experience! 


Looking to make weekend plans? Or just checking the skies for the Walk to class?

VUTV Weather has got your back! 

Straight from the Storm Shield Weather Center are Valpo's very own MET students with your reliable campus forecast! We air daily weather updates and are always there when Severe Weather strikes. Look to plan your week with the full Storm Shield Weather Forecast aired exclusively Monday's at 5PM on The Shield. 


Interested in Broadcast Meteorology? 

We appreciate our community's photos and thoughts! 

The VU Department of Communication offers a Digital Media Minor as part of its curriculum.

MET Majors who are interested in working on television are encouraged to compliment their science courses with 15 credits of COMM work for a one-of-a-kind skill set.

Interested in working on the Green Screen?

Send an email to or stop by the Weather Studio in Schanbel Hall!  

Have a photo to share or a question about the weather? We'd love to see/hear it!

Send us an email at