Valparaiso University’s administered Study Abroad programs have resident directors who manage the programs on a day-to-day basis, teach two courses for the students, and coordinate group excursions and cultural activities.

Cambridge, England

Lorraine S. Brugh is University Organist and the Frederick J. Kruse Endowed Chair in Church Music. She is the director of the Kantorei and teaches organ and church music. Professor Brugh helped lead the development of the ELCA’s Evangelical Lutheran Worship and is co-author of The Sunday Assembly, published in 2008 to help church leaders incorporate the hymnal’s materials into worship services. She has been involved in the development of Lutheran music and worship practices for many years and in July 2010 became president of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians. She serves as executive director of the University’s Institute of Liturgical Studies, which annually brings church leaders across the country together to study and reflect upon worship practices.

2015-17 Prof. Lee Orchard
2013-15 Prof. Matthew Ringenberg
2011-13 Prof. Nola Schmidt
2009-11 Prof. Mark Farmer
2007-09 Prof. Allan Brandhorst
2007-05 Prof. Carter Hanson
2003-05 Prof. Gregory Hume
2001-03 Prof. Jerry Wagenblast
1999-01 Prof. Katharine Antommaria
1997-99 Prof. Joel Lehmann
1995-97 Prof. Richard Pick
1993-95 Prof. Thomas Kennedy
1991-93 Prof. David Johnson
1989-91 Prof. Carl Galow
1987-89 Prof. James Moore
1985-87 Prof. John Feaster
1983-85 Prof. Walter Keller
1981-83 Prof. Richard Lee
1979-81 Prof. Richard Pick
1977-79 Prof. Arvid Sponberg
1975-77 Prof. Al Trost
1973-75 Prof. Arlin Meyer
1971-73 Prof. William Eifrig
1969-71 Prof. Kenneth Klein
1968-69 Prof. Ferencz Kallay
1968 (spring) Prof. Donald Mundinger

Reutlingen, Germany

Peter Lutze attended Valparaiso University as an undergraduate. He received an MFA in filmmaking from Brandeis, a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Ph.D in communication with an emphasis in Cinema Studies from UW-M. He taught for 22 years in the Department of Communication at Boise State University. His teaching interests are cinema, critical media studies, video production, documentary film, intercultural communication and gender studies. Professor Lutze co-founded Treasure Valley Community Television and served as director of University Television Productions and the cinema and digital media studies program at Boise State University as well as the Idaho Film Center. His interests include literature, film, ornithology, and travel.


2015-17 Prof. Carter Hanson
2013-15 Prof. Kevin Ostoyich
2011-13 Prof. Timothy Malchow
2009-11 Prof. Zsuzsanna Szaniszlo
2007-09 Prof. Matthew Becker
2004-07 Prof. Eric Johnson
2002-04 Prof. Paul Trapp
1999-02 Prof. Kevin Geiman
1997-99 Prof. David Scupham
1995-97 Prof. Sarah DeMaris
1992-95 Prof. John Helms
1990-92 Prof. Nina Corazzo
1988-90 Prof. Fred Meyer
1984-88 Prof. Michael Kumpf
1982-84 Prof. Walter Reiner
1980-82 Prof. Marcus Riedel
1978-80 Prof. Ferencz Kallay
1976-78 Prof. Ted Ludwig
1974-76 Prof. David Truemper
1972-74 Prof. James Albers
1969-72 Prof. Ted Jungkuntz
1968-69 Prof. Kenneth Korby
1968 (spring) Prof. Walter Bauer

Hangzhou, China

Fall 2018 Resident Director: TBA

2015 Prof. Laurie Eberhardt
2014 Prof. George Pati
2013 Prof. Zhimin Lin
2012 Prof. Jaishankar Raman
2011 Prof. Kevin Ostoyich
2010 Prof. Carter Hanson
2009 Prof. George Heider
2008 Prof. John Ruff
2006 Prof. Gregory Hume
2005 Prof. Dennis Friesen-Carper
2004 Prof. Jennifer Oldstone-Moore
2002 Prof. Rachel Gretencord
2000 Profs. Stephen Smith and Linda Lewis
1999 Prof. Meng Jianyun
1998 Prof. Peter Scholl
1997 Prof. Yuehua Zhang
1994-1996 Prof. Lin Zhimin
1993, 2001, 2007 Prof. Jim Nelson
1991-1992 Prof. John Hazewinkel
1990 Prof. Sara Dorow

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