OIP Study Abroad offers support to anyone traveling under the umbrella of the university. In the event of an emergency, OIP Study Abroad can lend assistance and support to all registered travelers, including faculty and staff members abroad.

Additionally, by registering your travel you will receive information on Valpo’s international health insurance coverage through EIIA. EIIA is not considered comprehensive travel insurance, and is meant to supplement, not replace, travelers’ regular insurance plans. More on the plan can be found below.

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Proxy Travel Registration

Proxy registration is available for those who wish to register travel on behalf of someone else. You will be able to log in using your own credentials, search for them by name, and then input the required information. Click the button below to get started.

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Traveling with students?

It is important for all students traveling outside of the United States under the umbrella of the University to be registered with OIP Study Abroad. Faculty members taking students abroad must submit proposals using either the Faculty-led Program Proposal for structured, academic travel courses or the International Independent Outbound Proposal Form. The faculty member’s Department Chair, Dean, the Director of Study Abroad Programs and the International Affairs Committee must review proposals. The Provost will have final approval.

Proposals must be submitted well in advance, per the deadlines on the forms, to ensure appropriate time to review and secure approval. Programs must be approved prior to recruiting students to participate.

Additionally, participants will be required to register with OIP Study Abroad. The registration process will collect important information about their travel, as well as essential information like passport details, and emergency contact information to ensure the group’s time abroad is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Please reach out to OIP Study Abroad with any questions. We’re happy to help!


More About EIIA

Information on the University’s insurance coverage through EIIA can be found by visiting their website, https://www.eiia.org/international-travel/. On their website you will be able to access detailed coverage information, an identification card, FAQ’s and the claim form, should you need it.

While traveling abroad, it is important to contact EIIA immediately following any incident requiring medical care (if you are having trouble contacting EIIA yourself, the Study Abroad Office can help). EIIA must be contacted directly; Valpo does not facilitate the insurance claim process.

Seek medical assistance for any incident that you think may require service. It’s also important to understand how your primary insurance can be used. EIIA will not cover expenses for follow-up medical service in the United States so it is expected that your primary insurance would be used after returning to the United States.

Sometimes hospitals, clinics, and doctors abroad will not accept EIIA insurance at the time of service. This means that you (or the sick or injured student) will have to pay for the medical care, then later submit a claim form for reimbursement. To ensure that you are reimbursed, it is very important that you keep all medical service receipts.