“Studying abroad was an irreplaceable experience that allowed my daughter to grow as an individual and gave her an unparalleled opportunity to interact with new cultures and places. As an international business major, my daughter has not only grown as a person throughout her Study Abroad experience, but has also added value to her education and her qualifications in the job market. Valpo’s Study Abroad programs offer a great financial value and provide the preparation and support students need for a successful semester abroad.”

Helene Hildebrand Parents Council

The Parents Council is available to help answer questions and be a resource as you consider a Valpo Study Abroad program. Join us for our annual Family Weekend, which features a panel discussion:

“Study Abroad – What Parents Need to Know”

Studying abroad can be exciting for your student, but you may have a lot of questions about sending your child overseas. Valpo offers its students a multitude of Study Abroad opportunities during their four years on campus. Learn about the different programs and how students can work semesters abroad into their Valpo careers.

For general questions, please call 800.833.6792, ext. 23 or send an email to parents@valpo.edu. Feel free to contact the Parents Council members who have supported their son or daughter on a Valpo Study Abroad program:

Helene Hildebrand
Elmhurst, Ill.
Email: icgs@aol.com
Student: Eddy Hildebrand ’07
Major: Meteorology
Student: Laura Hildebrand ’13 – Studied abroad in Reutlingen, Germany
Major: International business

Timothy Hough
Elizabeth Hough
Hebron, Ind.
Email: icgs@aol.com
Student: Ryan Hough ‘14 – Studied abroad in Hangzhou, China
Major: International business/marketing

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