2020 Summer Dates: July 6-20 

Academic excellence is a cornerstone of Valparaiso University’s worldwide reputation as a leading university. Our distinguished faculty’s first priority is teaching and mentoring. Our diverse, high-caliber student body offers a variety of perspectives that enhances our community. Add small classes, hands-on learning, high-tech resources, and team building, and the result is an atmosphere rich in inquiry and engagement across disciplines and a comprehensive education that propels students to becoming global leaders.

In the past, we have offered the choice of one the following comprehensive seminars:

  • Science, Technology, & Innovation
  • Politics, Law, & Media
  • Writing, Design, & Communication
  • ESL – English as a Second Language

Each weekday, students will participate in specialized seminars in the morning. Students will learn in an atmosphere of discussion and open cooperation. These seminars give students the opportunity to hear from professors in the fields of engineering, computer science, environmental science, medicine, entrepreneurship, law, business, and more.

In the afternoon, all students participate in the following workshop that includes special guest speakers, university leaders, and community leaders:

Global Leadership Workshop

This workshop gives all participants the opportunity to come together and discuss bigger global topics with all SGLI participants. They will actively engage, interview, and hear from special guest speakers, university leaders, and community leaders. In the past, we have invited local business owners, Porter County judges and prosecutors, the city of Valparaiso’s mayor, Valparaiso University’s president, FBI agents, and many other speakers to share their experiences and perspectives. Participants will also be given the opportunity to give special presentations at the conclusion of our program and hold debates about their work in the seminar courses.

Social Activities and Team-Building

We have created an academic program centered on global leadership, teamwork, and innovative thinking. Participants will benefit from a variety of seminar-style courses that include interactive class discussion, in-class scenarios, in-class presentations, and debates. Just like in a university setting, participants will experience a variety of social events to complement their classroom time. Field trips, nature hikes, dinner in Chicago, sports around campus, and impromptu events around town take place throughout the summer to keep participants engaged.

Academic tracks are graded Pass, No Pass. Students receive a Summer Global Leadership Institute “Certificate of Achievement” to utilize in the future, after the completion of the program.

We invite you to explore our seminars and workshops, then contact us with your questions. We look forward to helping you become a part of an enriching and exciting summer program!