Interested in learning or improving your English language abilities? Experience SGLI while participating in our ESL (English as a Second Language) track.

SGLI provides international students with ESL training, cultural orientation, and academic preparation to ensure one can begin the process of becoming ready for university at an American institute.

Class time is complemented by a host of activities that help students to “live” the language as they learn it. The SGLI ESL track is innovative in the way we combine classroom material with real-life experience. Students will speak and use the language each day — a natural way to improve their ability and confidence. From engaging classes to exciting field trips and evening activities, we help students to learn the language and the American college culture.

How it works:

  • Each student is given an entry exam at the beginning of the session to determine class placement.
  • The student is then enrolled in courses in grammar, reading & writing, and speaking & listening.
  • There are various levels in the program, from intermediate to advanced.
  • Classes are held five days a week with a study hall in the evenings and a variety of activities and trips after class and on the weekends.
    • The after-class activities will be in collaboration with the rest of the students from the program, offering further opportunities for students to interact and speak with their peers.