Green Tips

Green BagB.Y.O. Bag

Bag Bring your own cloth or fabric bags when you shop! 

If you grocery shop once a week, in five years you’ll have kept about 250 to 1,000 grocery bags out of our landfills. When one ton of plastic bags is reused or recycled, the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil is saved! By bringing your own bag to the grocery store, you can save thousands of plastic bags from ending up in landfills, or even worse in ecosystems where they can harm living creatures.

Look for alternate uses for the bags you've collected

  • Old bags make great in-car trash containers. 
  • Use them as shoe protectors in the garden. 
  • Re-use them to clean up kitty litter, or to pick up dog droppings when walking your pet.
  • Use them in your smaller waste bins around the house. 
  • Fill a few with shredded paper and tie them off for cheap, reusable packing materials. They’re also a handy way to maintain the shape of your favorite tote.
  • Cut a slit in your bags and use them to protect clothes from dust, moths, and other pests.
  • Take them with you for easy disposal of diapers. 


Turn off computer

Save Energy

• Turn on energy saving settings on your computer
  (For instructions on how to do this go to

• Shut down your computer when you leave for the day

• Unplug any electric items you don't use daily

• Turn off desk lights 

• Turn off screen saver (this actually keeps your computer running rather than saving energy)