Site locations for specific recycling

Battery Recycling:

(flashlight, cell, camera, tool and the like)

NSC—outside of NSC 224

Urschel—2nd floor near main entrance

CCLIR—Rms: 115, 252, 310, 451 (all copy rooms)

VUCA—Near the box office


Book Recycling:

 Look for large green box “Better World Books” (textbooks, reference books, fiction/non fiction, hard or soft back)

Harre Union: Near Mail Center

Gellersen: Outside of Rm. 129

CCLIR: Fireplace lounge (near the Circulation desk)

Huegli:  Near front entrance



Look for boxes approximately 3 x 3 for clothing and electronics (tv, radio, cameras, cell phones, printers, computers, video games and the like)

Harre Union:  Near Bookstore

Guild/Memorial, Scheele, Alumni, Lankenau, Wehrenberg, Brandt—in 1st floor lobby

VUCA: Near the box office