The Tobacco Education & Prevention Coalition for Porter County is dedicated to saving lives by reducing tobacco use and eliminating health disparities related to tobacco use through protecting residents from secondhand smoke; prevention and reducing youth tobacco use and access to tobacco products; and improving cessation services to assist smokers in quitting. Our mission is to promote tobacco control initiatives for the purpose of reducing tobacco use by our citizens through education.

Our program is a comprehensive approach to reducing tobacco use and includes building a strong community-based coalition with diverse partners; reducing youth initiation and access to tobacco; protecting Hoosiers from exposure to secondhand smoke; and promoting and using cessation resources. A biannual plan addressing these areas, including goals and strategies to obtain goals, is developed by Coalition partners and approved by the ITPC Board of Directors. To achieve those goals, the Coalition offers mini-grants to local agencies, or businesses, to address certain aspects of the plan. Grants are accepted anytime throughout the year and reviewed quarterly. All funds are subject to review by the Indiana State Board of Accounts, to ensure fiscal responsibility to all funded parties. In addition, partnering Coalition members can benefit from materials, educational programs, and ongoing training provided by TEPCPC.


(219) 464-5480

Indiana Tobacco Quitline: 1-800-QUIT-NOW