From experience to expertise.

Theatre students become captivated by the subject after an experience of its delights — the applause, the compliments, the friendships, the sometimes-desperate efforts to beat a deadline, and the sense of accomplishment that follows. The theatre department at Valpo offers students a way to make theatre a deeper part of their lives.

Expert Faculty

At any time, about 50 students have made the decision to be trained by four full-time theatre faculty and a range of visiting professors and guest artists who are experts in their fields. Learn More »

Broad Curriculum

Valpo offers students a wide range of studies including acting, dance, design, directing, production, technology, and writing. The study of dramatic literature is given special prominence in the curriculum. Students can also earn academic credit for participation in theatre productions.


Theatre majors leave Valpo with the qualifications and support to pursue a career in theatre. The department systematically trains students for outside auditions and introduces them to entertainment professionals through the Theatre Colloquium program.

Open to All

The theatre department serves students throughout the University. In Valpo theatre productions, nearly half of performers are majoring in another discipline. The department balances its resources to serve:

  1. Majors and minors who are preparing for careers in theatre or in industries where knowledge of theatre production is required;
  2. Students who take the academic courses to meet the general education requirements or who find courses in drama and dance to be attractive components of a liberal arts education; and
  3. Students who participate in faculty-supervised co-curricular theatre and dance productions as a way of enriching their lives.



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