Philosophy Major

Students studying philosophy develop a balanced mix of conceptual creativity and high-level critical thinking, writing, and problem-solving skills.


Through Valpo’s philosophy major, students examine issues fundamental to all fields of inquiry — in dialogue with the great thinkers of both Western and non-Western civilizations.

The department recommends specific plans of study for those preparing for entrance into law school, seminary, or graduate study in philosophy. Majors who are preparing for graduate study in philosophy are advised to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of philosophy

B.A. students in philosophy at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A.

One course from the following options

  • PHIL 145 Elementary Logical and Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 150 Formal Logic and Critical Thinking
3 credits
PHIL 275 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy 3 credits
PHIL 280 Modern Philosophy 3 credits
One course from the following options:

  • PHIL 285 History of 20th Century Anglo-American Philosophy
  • PHIL 286 History of 20th Century European Philosophy
3 credits
PHIL 401 Comprehensive Exam 1 credit
PHIL 425 Advanced Philosophical Topics 3 credits
PHIL 450 Philosophy Seminar 3 credits
PHIL 475 Advanced History of Philosophy 3 credits
One additional 100-level (or higher) Philosophy course 3 credits
One additional 200- or 300-level Philosophy course 3 credits
Two additional 300-level Philosophy courses 6 credits
TOTAL 34 credits