Guild Undergraduate Creative Work and Research Grants are awarded by the Valparaiso University Creative Work and Research Committee (CWRC) two times a year. Funding for the grants is provided by the University Guild’s Student Research Endowment Fund. The University Guild is an organization that was created in 1931 with the sole purpose of providing an enhanced learning experience for current Valpo students. Members of the Guild include alumni and current and former parents of Valpo students. Each year, the Guild funds campus gift grants, student research grants, and scholarships.

The following Valparaiso University students were awarded Guild Undergraduate Creative Work and Research Expense Grants from the Creative Work and Research Committee during the Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters.

Additional information about Guild Undergraduate Creative Work and Research Expense Grants can be found by clicking on the Funding Opportunities link to the left.

Student Name Year, Department  Faculty Sponsor   Topic
Fall 2019
Samantha Burgett Senior, Sociology Danielle Lavin-Loucks Public Perception of Incarcerated Population Documentary
Marcus Clark Senior, Chemistry Robert Clark Heme Reconstitution of CooA
Isabel Coffey Senior, Christ College Julien Smith Inheritance of Family and Political Strife in Antigone and All the Rivers
Cody Dolloway Senior, Kinesiology Kelly Helm Impact of the Slingshot on Bench Press Performance and Shoulder Girdle Muscle Activation
Joshua Duensing Junior, Christ College Julien Smith Towards an Empirical Theory of Phenomenal Intentionality
Brendan Godsel Senior, Chemistry Paul Smith Battery Application of Silver Molybdate Structures
Mary Hayes Junior, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dan White GroundSat Research
Duaa Hijaz Senior, Biology Michael Berberoglu Zebrafish Regeneration and Stem Cell Research
Nicole Jones Senior, Art Aimee Tomasek Reclamation
Trupti Patel Junior, Biology Michael Berberoglu Understanding the Role of Rbfox1l in Zebrafish Brain Development and Behavior
Claire Utzinger Senior, Art Aimee Tomasek “How Do You Fix Me?”
Carmen Vincent Senior, Communication Charlie Anderson Alzheimer’s & Dementia Documentary
Terrance Wade Junior, Math & Statistics Nick Rosasco E-Cycle Computer Cluster
Kira Ziolkowski Senior, Nursing Christina Cavinder DNA Methylation
Spring 2020
Abigail Dykema Junior, Mechanical Engr. & Bioengineering Craig Goehler Human Ankle Prosthesis
Zoe Fischer Senior, Psychology Chris Drapeau Inspiring Healing Under the Halo:  A Suicide Prevention Initiative at Joliet Catholic Academy
Laura Floyd Freshman, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dan White Raspberry Pi Instrument Pitch Evaluator
Alyssa Mettenburg Senior, Psychology Geoff Wetherell Violation and Endorsement of Personal Values Across the Ideological Spectrum
Daniel Piccoli Junior, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dan White Valpo Sensor Net
Isabella Portugal Junior, Nursing Lynette Rayman Vaping Prevalence on College Campuses
Emily Reyna Junior, Environmental Science Jon-Paul McCool Estimating Wetland Habitat Loss in the United States:  A Geospatial Analysis as Evidenced by the Grand Kankakee Marsh
Peter Rhodes Senior, Mechanical Engr. & Bioengineering Reva Johnson Passive Assistive Exoskeleton Project