UPDATED INFORMATION:  Welcome to the official conference site for the May 14, 2020 Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) and Graduate Academic Symposium at Valparaiso University! SOURCE is an opportunity for students to share creative and/or scholarly work that they have undertaken during the past year in a poster or oral format. Due to restrictions on campus meetings imposed by COVID-19,  SOURCE 2020 will be a virtual conference for the very first time!

Thanks for taking the time to attend this unique online symposium. You can see the wide variety of student work by opening the SOURCE Final Program. In between the Opening Address and Closing Remarks, the day is divided into three sessions. For each presentation, you can click a tab to see the abstract.  At the bottom, most abstracts will have three links. Before the day of the event, you are encouraged to click the presentation link, which will open a page with more information on the presenter(s), and allow you to open the presentation by clicking “Download”. At the same time, you should click on the audio link, which will allow you to play a short description of the work by the presenter(s).  Then, at the scheduled session time on the day of the event (May 14), you can click the link to a Google Hangouts Meeting to interact with the presenter(s) (Note: you will need a Gmail account in order to do this.) They will give a brief introduction and then solicit comments and questions.  Since each session is 50 minutes in length, you should have time to connect to several different meetings during each session.  We hope you enjoy this celebration of Valpo students’ research and creative expression!



The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to March 27, 2020. Please explore our website to learn more about SOURCE.