Every Wednesday from June 17th – July 22nd there is an opportunity to hear the students who are conducting research present their topics.

Pack a lunch and come and listen! All are welcome to attend these events held in via Zoom! There will be 3-4 topics covered each week. The sessions are from Noon-1 p.m. (although a few weeks we may run a little longer).

The tentative Summer 2020 schedule is as follows:

June 17 12:00 Prof. Michael Watters ROS Control Mutants and Added Antioxidants Induce Hypobranching in Neurospora crassa
12:15 Prof. Paul Smith Five Pieces of Advice from Dr. Smith on Presenting to Laypeople
12:30 Natalie Michaels, Alyssa Jarabek, Cassi Niemeyer Synthesis of an unnatural fluoroscent amino acid
June 24 12:00 John Shen First-Principles Calculations of Electronic and Transport Properties of Nanowires
12:15 Carter McCullough Haptic Robots for Engineering Education
12:30 Arthur Goyne Fabrication of pressure sensor diaphragm from graphene oxide
July 1 12:00 Nathan Randle Estimating the Average Boston Marathon Runner’s Time from the Winner’s Time
12:15 Alexander Bruno Estimation of the Population Mean with the Sample Maximum
12:30 Oscar Benbow, Matt Klemm, Thomas Panek, Daniel Piccoli MACs over Chats: simulating medium access protocols
12:45 Samantha Scletz Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones in the Southwest Indian Ocean: A Climatology
July 8 12:00 Maggie Bliese and Laura Floyd Modeling Close Binary Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
12:15 Wenxuan Meng and Krystal Pena Updating the Data Acquisition System for the Diesel Engine Test Cell
12:30 Allen Huff and Julie Pohlman-Zordan Battery Application of Silver Molybdate Structures
12:45 Trupti Patel, Abigail Garza Understanding the role of Rbfox RNA-binding proteins in brain development, neuronal function, and behavior
July 15 12:00 Brian Schmit Measuring Concentrated Solar Radiation with a Solar Calorimeter
12:15 Seah Egan and Peyton Grimm Studying the Light Variability in Evolved Stars
12:30 Noah Moriarty and Jessica Villegas Design and Synthesis of Potential Anti-fungal Drugs
12:45 Nick Evans Computational modeling of biological scaffold materials
July 22 12:00 Anand Agrawal, William Bakke, Michael Bukowski, The STAR Experiment and the Forward Upgrade (one talk in two parts)
12:15 Claire Kovarik, and JD Snaidauf
12:30 Paige Camp, Kirsten Treptow and Hailey Goodwin Environmental cues and fungi morphology
12:45 Elaina Baker Studying the development of vertebrate animals under conditions present in outer space