Man, shirt and tie, glasses

Steven Janowiak
Assistant Dean

Harre Union, Student Activities, Conferences & Events

M.Ed. Higher Education Leadership – University of Idaho

B.A. – University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Steve joined the Harre Union in the Fall of 2013 after about 20 years of experience in higher education. He directs the Union and programming, oversees the staff, works with customers, oversees summer camps and conferences, and many other fun projects and tasks around campus!

Fun Facts:

Steve tends to need to wander from time to time.

Steve loves a rocking chair, anywhere, anytime!


Blue shirt, glasses, man

Ryan Bye

Associate Director of Operations

Harre Union, Student Activities, Conferences & Events

M.Ed. Higher Education Administration – Texas Tech University

B.S. Geography – Northern Arizona University

Hometown: Dublin, CA

Ryan started working at  Valparaiso University in the Fall of 2013 in Residential Life and the Harre Union in the summer of 2016. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the Harre Union, and the student employment program.

Fun Facts:

Ryan is fluent in American Sign Language and has deaf parents!

There is a 16 year age difference between Ryan & his youngest brother.


Cassie Hopkins
Director of University Events and Conferences

Harre Union, Student Activities, Conferences & Events



VACANT (To be filled)
Assistant Director of Student Activities

Anna Wardlow
Event Manager

Harre Union, Student Activities, Conferences & Events

B.S.B.A Business Management – Valparaiso University

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Anna was a transfer to Valparaiso University and graduated in May 2019. She worked at the Harre Union as a student and has always been interested in events. She is excited to help create many wonderful and memorable events for guests.

Fun Facts:

Anna doesn’t like chocolate.

Her family moved every seven years while she was growing up.

She is obsessed with her cat.


Theresa Kark
Facilities and Event Set-up Coordinator

Harre Union, Student Activities, Conferences & Events

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Theresa started working at Valparaiso University in 1994 on the Building Services team – she joined the Union team in 2018. As part of the Union staff team Theresa oversees all of the set-up operations in the Union and spaces reserved by the Event Manager. Theresa works with the student event services team.

Fun Facts:

Theresa coached gymnastics in Valpo and Laporte for a total of 19 years.
Theresa took some flying lessons while belonging to Civil Air Patrol.