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    *We will do our best to get your ticket sale up as soon as possible, however, it may take up to 2 business days to process request form and be posted online.

    *We suggest ticket sales continue through the end of the event.

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    *PRE-PRINTED tickets include any COMP tickets, sales done by your organization outside of the Welcome Desk, etc. There is a $.25 charge per pre-printed ticket.


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    Would you be interested in having tickets purchased by Students / Faculty / Staff using crusader cash?

    FOR EVENTS WITH MEALS ONLY. Must be approved by Dining Services and Union staff prior to sale.

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    All ticket events cost Admin Fee of $35 plus 10% of sales if sale is over 100 tickets.

    The Union Welcome Desk does not do refunds. See the Union Administration Office for necessary information if refunds are needed. Organizations may be charged a service fee to issue refunds through the Union Administration Office.

    We are able to print you information on number of tickets sold as well as a list of who purchased tickets, but you must request this information with this submission. Please leave a note in the comment section above.

    The Union Administration Office will disburse funds upon completion of the event. Funds will be deposited into University or Student Senate accounts only. Please list the account number below.

    This form will not be processed without an account number. University Account numbers are 14 numbers long and an example has been provided automatically in the box above.

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    Questions or problems with this form? Email the Union Administrative Assistant at Welcome.Desk@valpo.edu or call 219.494.5007.