Harre Union

Service Trips

“This service trip made me step out of my comfort zone and believe in myself.” – 2017 First-Year Student Participant

“This trip has made me want to do more service and try to make a bigger impact on my community.” – 2017 Student Leader

You could spend your spring break on vacation, at home, or whatever else you might find yourself doing—or you could spend a week of your break  changing the world, yourself, and your view on one of our service trips! Every year we have trips going to a variety of locations to give back. Locations change annually, and cost is typically between $200-$300 (travel, lodging, meals, and coordination included).  Applications are available and due in the fall semester.

100% of students who go on a trip state if they could go again they would… Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

For more information about these trips and all of Volunteer Programs please visit this link.