Harre Union

Why Work in the Union

More than just a job

Working at the Harre Union is far more than “just a job”. Employees become a part of a fun, friendly, and hard working community of campus leaders. On top of this, the Harre Union offers a wide range of programming and leadership positions for its employees. A member of each staff is selected to be a part of the Employee Development Team which organizes a wide range professional development programming, from resume workshops to cooking competitions.  Overall the Harre Union strives to provide the premier student employment opportunity on campus.

“I enjoy working at the Union because not only is it developing my professional skills … but the Union truly functions as a team and as a family. I feel like I’m learning valuable, transferable skills while surrounded by caring people who make my days just a little bit more fun and exciting.”

Layla Mooradian, Harre Union Admin Assistant

“Working at the union has allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills, that I have learned to apply in the classroom.”

Dan Bown, Event Services Staff

“My favorite part about working at the union is having such great co-workers! Each  employee is always up for conversations and having a good time while still getting work done. My amazing coworkers make working at the union so much fun!”

Beatriz Castillo, Harre Union Building Manager

Hiring Timeline and Application

All student applications for the Union are handled through the university’s Handshake page:

Handshake is the Career Center’s career development and job and internship database. Current Valpo students can log in with their DataVU login information. After logging in, students can update profile information, upload resumes, and search for jobs and internships.