Instructions for Spring 2012 Chicago Urban Studies Applications
Applications for the Spring 2012 Chicago Urban Semester are available from the ACM Urban Studies Program web site.  We prefer that you use Option 2 and print out a downloaded version of the application. Completed applications, letters of recomendation, and transcripts should be submitted to professor Michael Longan a week prior to the October 31, 2011 deadline prior to Spring Break to ensure that you obtain all of the signatures you need.  Applications may be accepted after the deadlines only if room is available in the program. You should print out your application and complete it including the necessary essay questions.  You willl also need to have a transcript (from the registar's office) along with two letters of recomendation sent to professor Longan.  Finally you need to obtain approvals indicated by signatures from your advisor, the Dean of Students (in Kretzmann), and the Dean of your College.  If your application is accepted by the VU Urban Studies program it will be forwarded to the ACM where it will be reviewed.  Students interested in studying in Chicago should contact Professor Michael Longan with questions. You may also contact the Urban Studies Program directly at with your questions. Students should submit application materials and arrange to have letters of recomendation sent to Professor Longan as far in advance of these deadlines as possible.