Urban Studies Minor Program Requirements
Chinatown in Chicago

A minimum of 19 credit hours constitutes the minor. Each student must complete:

  • the Chicago Urban Semester and
  • one elective course. 

Chicago Urban Semester

GS 338: The Core Course, 4 Cr.
GS 348: The Seminar, 4 Cr.
GS 386: The Internship, 4 Cr.
GS 395: Independent Study, 4 Cr.

For more information on spending a semester in Chicago see the Chicago Urban Semester page or contact Prof. Michael Longan.

Elective Courses

ECON 335: Urban Economic Problems, 3 Cr.
GEO 320:   Urban Geography, 3 Cr. course web site
GEO 321:   Urban and Regional Planning, 3 Cr. course web site
HIST 327: History of Chicago, 3 Cr.
POLS 220: State and Local Politics, 3 Cr.
POLS 320: Urban Politics, 3 Cr.
SOC 325:   Urban Sociology, 3 Cr.

A student may substitute an appropriate topics course or departmental seminar in place of one of the elective courses listed above, provided the topic has an urban focus and is approved by the chair of the administrative committee prior to the student's enrolling in the course.