Intention of the moon behind cloud.
Blot-dreams, a follow, voyage past
the cliffs, the kestrels once asleep
without story, no past, no future.
Luck lies in the hovering moment.
All of winter’s remorse pleated into waves,
the high and the holy, the mourners now
tucked into their beds, silence
of the grave. Moon-watch, moon-absence.
Time is a frail feather loosened from a passing
bird. Likely a beginning and an end
while in between, a pale shimmer.



Mercedes Lawry is the author of three chapbooks, the latest, In the Early Garden with Reason, was selected by Molly Peacock for the 2018 WaterSedge Chapbook Contest. Her poetry has appeared in such journals as Poetry, Nimrod, and Prairie Schooner. Her book, Vestiges, will be published in 2023.

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