Walter Bargen, Michelle Bitting, Sheila Black, Ronda Broatch, Martha Carlson-Bradley, Jared Carter, Robin Chapman, Susanna Childress, Christina Cook, Barbara Crooker, Susan Elbe, Patricia Fargnoli, Gary Fincke, William Ford, Kate Fox, Alice Friman, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Athena Kildegaard, Norbert Krapf, Wendy Mnookin, Travis Mossotti, Kay Mullen, Paul Nelson, Joey Nicoletti, Jean Nordhaus, John Owen, Thomas Reiter, Laura Sobbott Ross, Diane Seuss, Eleanor Swanson, Tony Trigilio, Laura Lee Washburn, Pui Ying Wong, Jennifer Yaros

An Essay on Ecopoetics by John Linstrom; T. Alan Broughton Reviewed by Edward Byrne; Franz Wright Reviewed by Susanna Childress; Alicia Ostriker and Marilyn Krysl Reviewed by Ingrid Wendt; Susan Rich Reviewed by Rachel Dacus; Joanie Mackowski Reviewed by Ellen Miller-Mack; Cover Art Commentary on Richard Loving by Gregg Hertzlieb; Recently Received and Recommended Books

Featured Poet: T. Alan Broughton
T. Alan Broughton