106 Heidbrink

Professor Stacey Cassady has been a Valpo faculty member since 2012 as a lecturer in the Valpo Core program.  She has also taught the international sections of Core, and in the Go Teacher Program, teaching English teachers from Ecuador.  She’s been nominated for the CELT Excellence in Teaching Award in 2018 and the VUAA Distinguished Teaching Award in both 2014 and 2017.

Professor Cassady is “Go Valpo” through and through, having earned her BA in English and Communications (1993) and MALS in English with a TESOL certificate (2012) at Valparaiso University. She continues to serve on the Core Curriculum Committee, and as a mentor and student advocate. Professor Cassady believes, as John Steinbeck said, that “teaching is among the greatest of the arts” and her passion is facilitating discovery among the scholars in her classes, creating lifelong learners and enjoying continued relationships with students around the world.


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