All Core 110 students must attend 5th hour Purpose Lab events during the Fall 2017 semester.  Approved events are listed on the Core Purpose Lab Calendar (below).

The 5th hour Purpose lab is designed to help each student explore their own meaning and purpose.  All students will need to complete the four required tasks and attend six additional events – one from each of the four categories on the purpose lab menu:

  •          Knowing Yourself (KY)
  •          Stepping Outside Yourself (SOY)   
  •          Understanding Place & History (UPH)
  •          Imagining New Possibilities (INP)

Each event is designated on the Purpose Lab Calendar in the description area with the (CODE) category. You can search the calendar based on these CODES: KY, SOY, UPH, INP.

Required Activities:

  • One-on-One Conference with your instructor to submit your Purpose Lab
  • Showing of film: Luther  (5 showings during week of Sept. 3)
  • Interview one Individual who represents someone you would like to become.
  • Reformation Event (October 31 – in the evening). Details to follow.

Purpose Lab Activities are posted and updated regularly here!

To submit an event for approval:

Please complete a Core Purpose Lab Approval Request Form-FA17.

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