The Big Question

Twenty years from now, what do you think you will remember most about your time at Valpo?

photo-aroundTheCampanile-nateKingNate King ’15
“I’ll remember the power of community here at Valpo. From reinstalling our fraternity chapter of Phi Delta Theta, to showing visitors around on campus tours, to working for justice with the Social Action Leadership Team (SALT), to worshiping every Wednesday night at Celebrate! in the Chapel, I think those moments of gathering with others for a purpose bigger than ourselves — those are the moments that will stick with me.”


photo-aroundTheCampanile-alexandraGarciaAlexandra Garcia ’17
“I will be thankful to Valparaiso University for the memories and moments I have made with the people I have met. I know that Valpo will shape me into becoming the successful person that I have always wanted to be. My professors have been a big inspiration to me, and they have encouraged me to make my dreams come true. I will always remember the advice they shared with me. Having been heavily involved in Latinos in Valparaiso for Excellence (LIVE), I also hope that years from now I can come back to see how the organization has grown.”

photo-aroundTheCampanile-emilyVillarealEmily Villareal ’15
“I will remember those friends who became like family to me — the adventures we got ourselves into and the sleepless nights we shared just talking and learning from each other. I will also remember that college was the first time I had freedom and independence.”