Valpo in Quotes

“Be good at what you do.”

Vanessa Hughes ’01,
Actress in Chicago

Thank you for coming here to study and learn with us and from us. We have learned from you. We are different now. We are richer and wiser for you having been here. So thank you for letting us love you, struggle with you, grow with you, know you. This is your place.

Fredrick A. Neidner, Th.D., Senior Research Professor, 2014 December Commencement

If you live in the gray area, you will spend either too little or too much time to get to your goal.

Heather K. Terry ’01, CEO of Nimbor

Rather than occasionally expressing disapproval of an individual symptom of the problem, the court should consider addressing the underlying illness.

David R. Cleveland, J.D., Associate
Professor of Law, as quoted in NYTimes

It’s given me a sense of the majesty and the enormous magnitude of the entire universe and how fantastic it is to observe this universe.

Jennifer Wiseman, Ph.D., NASA
astrophysicist, spoke on campus Jan. 30

It’s to be present to suffering and to have a sense of the system that’s causing it that awakened in me this fire to start working.

Sister Helen Prejean, Author of “Dead
Man Walking”, spoke on campus Jan. 13

It was a little bit of a relief, because the water is warmer than the air,” he said. “It’s the scariest thing ever. It wakes you up for sure.

Aaron Cartwright ’17, 2014 Polar Plunge