Valpo in Quotes

“We need to learn to understand both cultural differences and what we have in common as human beings. That we do indeed all bleed. That we do indeed all cry. That we do indeed all aspire for a higher order of things in our lives.”

Freeman A. Hrabowski, Ph.D., MLK Day Celebration Opening Convocation

“The friendships we’ve developed over the years, and the ability to track those friendships back to Valpo, are what make our time here special for us.”

Rick Filip ’68, during Homecoming and Reunion Celebration

“There are three things that I want you to remember when you’re challenged. The first one is determination. I had to reach deep down and rely on what I learned here at Valpo. What I learned here is that you have to strive to be the best that you can possibly be. Never allowing anyone to define what success would be for you. The second one is preparation. We all have the will to win, but those that are really good — those that are the best of the best — have the will to prepare to get the job done. The next thing is integrity. People have to trust you. They have to know that your word is gold.”

Lloyd McClendon ’81, ’05H, 2015 December Commencement

“This program is excellent, and as I begin as head coach, I want to honor the success of the past but at the same time push forward into the future. It is my job to create an environment that allows our basketball players to excel academically, athletically, and socially.”

Matt Lottich, Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Men’s Basketball Press Conference

“I try to nurture
living with disagreement in my classroom because I think we are all uncomfortable when we face somebody who is actually holding their strong convictions that are different from our own.”

Slavica Jakelic, ph.d., assistant professor of humanities and social thought, as quoted by The Torch

“May you discover your calling in life, that place where passion meets purpose — your unique gifts put to work for the sake of the world. And may you embark on this journey knowing that you are now a part of the Valpo community — an exceptional and diverse community of leaders, scholars, mentors, coaches, teachers, and colleagues who are on a similar journey — the pursuit of Truth, the cultivation of character, the love and respect for others who differ from us and disagree with us — a journey that continues to define Valpo and shape all of those who are part of Valpo, and will continue to do so for generations to come.”

President Mark A. Heckler, Ph.d., 2015 Opening Convocation

“I have discovered that the scholars of compromise are the best kind of serious thinkers.”

Virginia Lee Strain, ph.d., Shakespearean scholar, during a lecture as part of Shakespeare Week and the Christ College Symposium