Master’s programs foster success in Valpo alumni

Nicholas Easterlin; Graduate Class of 2010, San Francisco, CA

Twenty-five years ago, the first online advertisement was published, launching what has become a quarter century of discovery both by companies and consumers. Leading the way into the study of this digital age was Valparaiso University. Thanks to our master of science in digital media, countless advertising professionals have launched a career
unimaginable when they were born.

One such alumnus is Nicholas “Nick” Easterlin ’10 M.S., who has spent the time since earning his degree living and working in Silicon Valley, perfecting the art of digital marketing. For the past two years, he has been a platform specialist working as a marketing analyst for search ads at Apple. Nick has built his career helping app developers promote online visibility through multiple channels, which then helps developers utilize channels more efficiently so they can improve the return on their advertising.

While it may be a long way from his hometown of Chesterton, Indiana, to San Francisco, it was a stop in Valparaiso that helped pave the way to the Golden Gate. After earning a degree in telecommunications from Indiana University, Nick wanted to hone his skills in online media. That led him to Valpo and the digital media master’s program.

“The course descriptions sparked my interest into going into online advertising,” Nick says now about choosing Valpo. An added bonus: it was close to home.

“My expectations were that the courses were going to be very demanding,” he says. “However, it ended up being a lot of fun and not as demanding
as expected. I really valued having a relationship with my professors, thanks tothe small class sizes and devoted faculty. Creating those relationships really helped me grow.”

Focusing on his studies, Nick took advantage of campus life as well. He
frequented the library, gym, and Harre Union, the last of which completed a renovation during his time on campus.

It was while he was at Valpo that he started to understand the new digital
media industry and how different sources of media integrate. “The exploratory coursework and opportunities available with Valpo were influential for me,” Nick says. “The more opportunities you expose yourself to, the more opportunities you will have in your career.”

It’s hard to predict where the online
advertising industry will go next, but one
can be sure that Valpo and Nick will be
part of its future.