Valparaiso University Leads the Way In Keeping The Community Safe


Valpo is proud to have a safe and healthy campus where students can work, learn, and experience college life the way it was meant to be. That’s why the University is proud of its amazing vaccination rates, both for the COVID-19 and the influenza viruses.

As of December 2021, 95% of students and faculty were fully vaccinated with booster shots against the COVID-19 virus, with the other 5% having obtained religious exemption. This rate of vaccination puts Valparaiso University well above the local, state, and national average.

The mandatory flu shot plays a big role in keeping campus healthy. In 2021, Valpo won the number one spot in Alana Yaksich National Flu Shot Challenge for the small school category, beating out twenty schools across 11 states in encouraging high immunization rates.