by Cynthia Rutz, Director of Faculty Development, VITAL

Dear Colleagues:

Would you like to get more writing done this semester?

 A great way to help you achieve your writing goals is to join the Faculty Writing Circle facilitated by VITAL (the Valparaiso Institute for Teaching and Learning).

We meet once a week for just an hour in order to :

  • get feedback on our current writing projects
  • share writing goals
  • encourage each other to keep on finding time to write


Here is what your colleagues say about it:


“I always get more done when I join the writing circle.  It’s that simple!

–Coleen Wilder, College of Business


“I always look forward to going to writing circle, both to increase my productivity and for the chance to socialize with colleagues outside of my department. The interdisciplinary group offers unique viewpoints and accountability in what is normally a solo and isolating task.” 

–Kristi Bugajski, Biology


“Attending writing circle is often a highlight of my week. Between the great interdisciplinary conversation, motivation (and guilt) to keep writing, and the always useful feedback, it is invaluable for helping me continue to be productive in my research projects.”

–Karl Schmitt, Mathematics and Statistics


 So, if you would like to take advantage of this collegial and proven method to increase your writing productivity, please reply to with possible days and times that you could meet so we can get started soon.  




Cynthia Rutz

Director of Faculty Development 

Valparaiso Institute for Teaching and Learning (VITAL)