Instructional Design

Faculty can schedule a consultation regarding any classroom issues such as course design, designing student evaluations, discussion-leading, etc.

To schedule a class observation or consultation, email

Before tackling an educational endeavor, it is important to determine what needs to be learned so that the experience is a viable one. That’s where learning objectives come into play.

Using grading rubrics is a great way of helping students know what you expect from them. It also helps you when it is time to grade students work.

Learning is a process. It will help you understand the lightning fast process that takes place as you teach and students learn.

Departments can receive support with assessment and evaluation.  Submit a request to

What does your syllabus say about your course? Does it spark interest, ignite the passion to learn, or excite the learners? While it’s a contract between you and the students, it doesn’t have to be a simple list of policies, procedures and boring. Let our instructional designers assist you in creating such a document; while still incorporating the required and suggested syllabus language.

Instructional Design

Ed Finn, Ed.D.

Director of Instructional Technology, Design, and Assessment
Graduate and Online Education
Kretzmann Hall 125
Phone: 219.464.5313 x6137

Gina M. Rue, MS.Ed.

Instructional Designer
Graduate and Online Education
Kretzmann Hall 123
Phone: 219.464.5313 x5124

Jordin Billings, M.A.

Instructional Designer
Graduate and Online Education
Kretzmann Hall 124
Phone: 219.464.5313 x6618